About us

LooneyCall is for people who love to talk and know the value of keeping in touch.

Back in November 2002, we realized that the further people were away from one another the more they had to say and the longer they spoke on the phone. In today’s world, it’s very common to have friends, family and business colleagues spread out around the world, especially in Canada where we have such a multicultural mix of people.

So we said, “Hey. Why not make it easy and affordable for people to talk longer without the worry of getting a whopping long distance phone bill?”

“Even better, why not give them great value for $1? You can’t buy much for a looney today.”

And thus LooneyCall was born. Fifty minutes for just a buck to anywhere in Canada or the USA and great rates to over 200 other destinations.

Distinctly Canadian, LooneyCall customer service representatives will talk to you in English, French or Spanish. We want every customer to feel like there’s a friend on the other end of the line whenever they call.

So, join the ever growing LooneyCall crowd that is dialing 10-15-565 and talk up a storm.

LooneyCall is wholly owned by Globalive Communications Corp.